Basic Must have Eye Shadows

IMG_7338Today i m going to say about the most basic eyeshadows everyone should own. This is my Morphe 35O palette which is a very basic staple palette in my kit. I literally most of the days use at least one color from this palette for my eye looks.

For a casual chic look to party look three eyeshadows are very essential. A transition shade, outer corner or outer v shade and an eyelid shadow. A transition shade is a shade used on and above the crease line. A transition shade should be always a matte eyeshadow only. Outer corner or outer v is the end of the eyelids which is always preferably a dark matte eyeshadow. And lastly a main eyeshadow of any liking for the center of the eyelids.To stick to the basics a deep to bright orange transition shade can be used to brighten up the eyes and a dark brown outer corner shade.

Morphe35O4I have numbered the shades for better explaination.

  • Shade 1 and 2 can be used as individual or mixed together for a transition shade. This is equivalent dupe for Rule and Brick eyshadow from MAC correspondingly.
  • Shade 3 is a deep dark brown which can be used for outer corner. Its a almost close dupe for shade Embark from MAC.
  • Shade 4 is similar to WoodWinked from MAC which can be used on top of a dark brown shadow on outer corner.
  • Shade 5 is a gold eyeshadow to be used on the centre of eyelids.

Each eyeshadow pan from MAC will cost 6$ each. And the Morphe 35O paltte cost is 23$ which is very affordable and so many different eyelooks can be created. The quality and the pigmentation of the shades is very amazing. This palette is so worth every penny. Remember blending is the key to a perfect look.

Tip:- Shade 1 and 2 are a great color corrector also to brighten up dark areas.

I hope you find this post useful.


Natural Toner

There are lot of toners availalbe in market of different flavours , brands , natural , chemical based… But lets just keep it simple and get back to basics for a healthy skin. Rose water is one of the best toner for skincare routine. I m using the rose water from Forest essentials brand because i have heard a lot of good reviews and now that i m using it i just so love it… Nothing to complain about it but its just a little bit pricey but still very pure and natural! Its very easy to make rose water at home but i m currently unable to make it because i m waiting for my plants to blossom in a big quantity so i can make a bottle of rose water…


  • Pick up some fresh roses I would suggest home grown flowers are best since it will not have any chemicals on it.
  • Gather all the rose petals together and rinse gently and thoroughly.
  • Spread the petals evenly across a saucepan and add some water. Don’t add too much water since it will dilute it.
  • Cover the pan with a lid and let the heat be low. If you use too much heat it will ruin the properties of rose. Let it be on low for about 20minutes or less till the petals become paler.
  • Transfer the contents into a glass bottle and let it cool off and use afterwards.
  • Store it in fridge since there are no preservatives and the maximum shelf life of this rose water is not more than a week.


  1. You can spray it on your face before applying make up. It will hydrate the skin and gives a fresh feeling to skin.
  2. Once your make up is done you can use it as a setting spray which will give a dewy glow to the skin.
  3. After cleansing the face just slightly dab or spray rose water on face on daily basis to keep the skin hydrated.
  4. For tired looking eyes just dab some rose water in cotton pad and keep it on eyes to make it look fresh and less puffy.
  5. Also it is an instant mood enhancer because the aroma of roses helps in de-stressing.
  6. It’s anti inflammatory properties helps soothe skin , irritation, sun burn , etc.

There is no single bad property that can be found in rose water. Even it can be used for hair. Using rose water as a part of daily routine will help in improving skin… Maintaining a healthy skin is very important…